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May 12, 2010
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World of Warcraft Tribute-  King Arthas Menethil by pulyx World of Warcraft Tribute-  King Arthas Menethil by pulyx
I'm back.


This is a gift from me, for everyone who waited patiently for my comeback.
I've been in some sort of...I dunno. Just didn't felt like drawing for some time.

Arthas, is the guy who spread my art around the world.
And after he finally passed on, i felt like i should pay him my respects.

And i did it, by thinking ...What if he had made the right choices ?

And instantly that image came to to my mind.

In my version....Arthas, realized what everyone expected from him.
And became, the greatest paladin and Weilder of the Holy Light in the whole planet.
Grand Crusader of the Silver Hand King Arthas Menethil.
After a life of hard fighting and piety, Arthas grew ever more stern, caring, but a hard man.
No Queen, no Children.
His devotion is for the Light, and the Light only.
He fought the undead scourge and made the right choices.
He listened to Jaina, Uther and Muradin.
He purged Mal'ganis.
And after he learned where the real threat emanated from, he wen't there himself.

With his specially crafted hammer, The Holy Throne Sunderer, he obliterated the Frozen Throne and every bit of energy it contained.

The Undead never disappeared. Just grew wilder. And uncontrolled.

So King Arthas led a life of Fighting and protecting his people.

So without further adue,

All Hail,
King Arthas Menethil, the Throne Sunderer, Hero of the Eastern Kingdoms.

Leader and Teacher to All Paladins.

This was selected for the World of Warcraft Tribute book by Udon, so naturally:


Blizzard Entertainment
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Grimdour Feb 9, 2014
I like to think that when he gripped Frostmourne, this is what the future Lich King saw and continued his path, thinking it was his destiny.

Meanwhile the future Throne Sunderer saw the image of the Lich King as triumphant as this on the ashes of Lordaeron, and shattered the sword.
pradyumdesikan Jan 21, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Wonderful Art!! Love it. But the Blue Eyes make it look like Lich King managed to tame the Light itself. or the Light tamed the Lich King... whichever way. but looks like Lich King x Paladin
dont get me wrong this is awsome, but i still preffer the Lich King
Awesome =D
To bad this dident happen =(
one of my all time favorite pieces of fan art you can almost hear the cheers of his people and the church bells ringing in the back ground 
How things should have been.....    T_T   
may i ask u how it takes to reach this kind of perfection ?? i mean time ! how long ?  
pulyx Oct 11, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
hahaha perfection...

But seriously though, you mean skill o how long did this particular piece take ?
i mean skill man how long did u practice to reach this level and yes i meant it that was perfection 
pulyx Oct 13, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Well man..i gotta be honest. I'm not the most disciplined of artists so i don't practice alot. I draw/paint when i feel like it. So that's why there's no perfection on my work. I'm usually quite content with mild development over long periods of time.
I draw since i was 5.
If i had the discipline/drive some artists have, by now i'd be one of the world's greatests (don't mean to be conceited. But that's a lot of time painting)
Some hobby artists draw 3 to 5 hours a day, and in some cases professional artists on gaming/movie industries draw from 8 to 12, 16 hours a day sometimes depending on the intensity of production crunch time.
I barely draw 1, 2 hours a day when i'm not working on a particular piece i'm excited about or comission. When i'm working it could be some 5, 6 hours a day (for a small amount of days)

For a long time i had professional aspirations but unfortunately i was born in the wrong country to do the type of art i like to do. (Brazil's appreciation, market for this stuff is laughable).
So i'd rather do it as a hobby at a pace that doesn't stress me. I try to gain a little from it because it's time, and time is always valuable.

But to achieve my "level" of skill isn't really hard. I've seen some kids who started waaaaaaaaaaaay after i did advance far quicker in terms of skill and quality over the course of 3, 4 years sometimes.
Put your mind to it, and it comes with time, reference and most important of all, enjoyment and self-accessment. It's the journey not the results. The results come with experience.

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